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    ORA ET LABORA... ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus
    Pray and work... that in all God may be glorified!

of the Benedictine nuns
of St. Mary's

We welcome every guest with joy because thus, in accordance with the Rule of St. Benedict, we live and accomplish “the gospel of love“ - Let all guests who arrive be received like Christ (RB 53,1).

Guesthouses of the Benedictine nuns of St. Mary’s

If you want to experience the hospitality and spirit of St. Benedict, come to our guesthouses, where in a comfortable accommodation you can rest your body, and in the church of the Monastery of St. Mary’s you can nourish your soul through the morning prayer of the office and the holy mass.

We will gladly walk you through the Permanent Exhibition of Sacral Art (SICU) with the sacral treasure from the rich past of Zadar from the end of the 7th to the 18th century.