Guesthouses of the Benedictine nuns of St. Mary’s

We welcome every guest with joy because thus, in accordance with the Rule of St. Benedict, we live and accomplish “the gospel of love“ - Let all guests who arrive be received like Christ (RB 53,1).

Sensitive to the needs of man, St. Benedict wanted that every monastery has enough place to receive every man as Christ and the hospitality is a characteristic of the Benedictine charisma. If you want to experience the hospitality and spirit of St. Benedict, come to our guesthouses, where in a comfortable accommodation you can rest your body, and in the church of the Monastery of St. Mary’s you can nourish your soul through the morning prayer of the office and the holy mass.

We will gladly walk you through the Permanent Exhibition of Sacral Art (SICU) where, in the spirit of the Rule of St. Benedict, we guard and show to the public the precious treasure that was collected, acquired, made and saved by our nuns through the millennium. The objects of the sacral art of the Archdiocese are also exhibited in SICU, and following the permanent exhibition one can follow the history and the art from the 7th to the 18th century.


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In our guesthouses, located in the vicinity of the monastery, there are seven accommodational units in two accommodation facilities that can receive 47 persons.

The guesthouses are equipped with the flat rate Wi-Fi Internet and air conditioning.

There are different artistic workshops in the monastery like the workshop of enamel and lace. We make rosaries, we dry flowers that is used to make bookmarks, greeting cards and pictures. At our agricultural estate we produce wine, jams, syrups and fruit liqueurs. You can buy our products at the stand at the Opatica Čika Square at the entrance of SICU and directly in the monastery.

Everything mentioned above is located in the immediate vicinity of your accommodation.